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LexFarm update

So, the Farming activists in Lexington are getting geared up for a fight.  Their goal is to get a farm advocate onto the board that will determine the use of the Busa Farm land.  This board is currently being assembled.  WickedLocal wrote a quick article about these citizen advocacy efforts, which includes a poll.  The poll categories represent the different development options available for the land, since as it was purchased with CPA funds.  It’s an interesting fight to follow! Advertisements

lexington community farm and the CPA

I had an exciting conversation yesterday while I was in Lexington picking up my last share from Shared Harvest CSA.  An exciting conversation about land use!  The town has recently acquired the former Busa Farm land and is now trying to decide how to redevelop it.  Since Lexington purchased the land with funds collected through the  Community Preservation Act, the site will remain mostly open space.  There will likely also be some affordable housing included in the plan.  The town-wide debate is mostly over what form of open space it will be; the people at want it to be used as a community farm, while many “soccer parents” want to see the land turned into a sports field. Currently there are no farm advocates on the appointed board for the redevelopment project. This reminded me a lot of what’s going on in Milton, except that Milton hasn’t yet enacted the CPA and their debate is primarily over the affordable housing decision.  Lexington seems pretty okay with small-scale affordable housing on Busa Land.  Seeing as …