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reading in the new year.

It’s a new year and I have a new project to share with you all.  I’m taking a step away from my coursework at school and focusing on the kind of reading that I always want to do and never have time for — reading history, reading nature writing, reading poetry and literary nonfiction.  I want you to join me on this journey.


First, I’ve uploaded my to-read list to Goodreads.  You can follow me there, and pick up a book from my list when it strikes you.  When I finish a book, I’ll publish a review on this blog and on Goodreads so if I’ve gotten to something before you do, you can get an idea of what it made me think about.  I am also thinking about setting up a tumblr just for the reviews, so that you could subscribe to the RSS feed.  If that would be of particular interest to you, let me know.  My first quick review was of On Looking by Alexandra Horowitz, which Maria Popova also reviewed, with her eye trained towards issues creativity, attention, and expertise, as it always is.  When I read it, I was thinking about place, knowing a place, and learning about a place, as I always am.

When I start a new book I’ll let you know.  If you want to join me, please do!  You can share your thoughts about the book on this blog, to me directly by email, or on twitter.  I’m hoping to get through near a book a week, but if I find myself savoring something or my attention getting drawn elsewhere, I won’t hold myself to it.

So.  My first book of the year is Arctic Dreams by Barry Lopez.  It’s luminous.

And while we’re on the subject of writers, writing, and reading, I want to recommend to you the conversation between Rebecca Solnit and Robert Macfarlane hosted by Orion Magazine last month.  They are two of my favorites (perhaps yours too?) and it’s wonderful to hear their voices in conversation.  There’s a wealth of book recommendations in there, too — which are on my reading list.


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  1. Diane rizzetto says

    Fantastic idea and thanks for allowing others to share in the process. Count me in.

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