Month: January 2014

reading in the new year.

It’s a new year and I have a new project to share with you all.  I’m taking a step away from my coursework at school and focusing on the kind of reading that I always want to do and never have time for — reading history, reading nature writing, reading poetry and literary nonfiction.  I want you to join me on this journey. First, I’ve uploaded my to-read list to Goodreads.  You can follow me there, and pick up a book from my list when it strikes you.  When I finish a book, I’ll publish a review on this blog and on Goodreads so if I’ve gotten to something before you do, you can get an idea of what it made me think about.  I am also thinking about setting up a tumblr just for the reviews, so that you could subscribe to the RSS feed.  If that would be of particular interest to you, let me know.  My first quick review was of On Looking by Alexandra Horowitz, which Maria Popova also reviewed, with her …

2013 in review

It’s Twelfth Night: the ending of the Yuletide season, the last day before we return to work as usual after a season of celebration. I’m ready to go back.  You’ll be hearing more from me.  Some of the themes I’ll be following in 2014 emerged, it turns out, from what I found last year.  Here’s a collection of the paths I followed, the portals I discovered, and the familar friends who joined me on my journey.  Click on the portal below.