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from the archives: holiday markets and christmas decorations.

As promised, here’s a brief roundup of holiday markets and decorations.  I think it’s such a cool way that cities transform themselves temporarily.  I’ve been thinking a lot about temporality in urban spaces and this seems like a good way to get started on saying something concrete about it.  The holidays are such a unique temporary intervention because they last so much longer than your average festival, so they really permeate the feeling of a place.  Where are your favorite holiday decorations?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I have also been thinking about the ability of *snow* to transform our experience of urban space.  I find I talk to other pedestrians more often, as we negotiate narrower walkways and uncrossable mounds of ice at intersections.  Maybe that’s a small silver lining, but I’ll take what I can get.


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  1. Alex R. says

    Another really interesting benefit of the snow mounds is that they show where roads could be narrowed or altered without contributing to congestion. Heeding these narrower roadwidths would open up opportunities to improve pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

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