Month: February 2011

drawing in public.

The Cambridge Arts Council did a fabulous exhibition at their gallery this past month.  It suggests an interesting alternate understanding of the term “public art,” and was very good looking to boot.  Here are some photos. *note* I am a member of the CAC, but have no affiliation with curating the exhibitions.  Maybe someday! Advertisements

from the archives: holiday markets and christmas decorations.

As promised, here’s a brief roundup of holiday markets and decorations.  I think it’s such a cool way that cities transform themselves temporarily.  I’ve been thinking a lot about temporality in urban spaces and this seems like a good way to get started on saying something concrete about it.  The holidays are such a unique temporary intervention because they last so much longer than your average festival, so they really permeate the feeling of a place.  Where are your favorite holiday decorations? Perhaps unsurprisingly, I have also been thinking about the ability of *snow* to transform our experience of urban space.  I find I talk to other pedestrians more often, as we negotiate narrower walkways and uncrossable mounds of ice at intersections.  Maybe that’s a small silver lining, but I’ll take what I can get.