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hello, seattle.

I spent last weekend in Seattle, a city I always think I’d love to live in if I didn’t love Cambridge so much.  It’s so rugged, so ethereally beautiful, so laid-back…and yet, so caffeinated, at the same time.  I especially love Pike’s Place Market, which even though it is dreadfully crowded and obviously a major tourist destination, is just as smelly and authentic as always.  Though I imagine it was a bit worse when they still allowed work horses in some of the market buildings.

Anyhow, feast your eyes on some wonderful Seattle public art moments.

Random columns at the top of a hill overlooking massive highways?  Of course!

Sadly I couldn’t get a picture that included both the name of the initiative and the giant two-headed dragon in the middle of the window.

There were dance diagrams like these all over street in one shopping district.  I made a total jerk out of myself trying to work out the steps.

In other bronze-feet-on-sidewalk news, these are Mark Morris’s!

Incredible shots overlooking Puget Sound from the Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park.


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