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a FIGMENT full of imagination.

Last month, Cambridge held its annual RiverFest, a celebration of the arts, diversity, and, well, all things Cambridge.  But this year the festival had some help from an awesome organization in New York City: FIGMENT.  Figment is an interactive public art project that challenges artists and communities to find new ways to think, interact, dream, and experience our world.  The artists who participated — both Boston and New York based — created fresh, fun, enchanting works that transformed the Charles River banks and greatly enhanced the experience of festival participants.  When I’ve discussed figment with other festivalgoers, it’s always been in an awe-filled and inspired tone that truly reflects how transporting an immersive public art experience can be.

Here are some photos.

More cool things about FIGMENT: no corporate sponsorship, and no waste.  there’s an impromptu, guerilla feeling about it even though it’s extremely well-orchestrated.  and there was a roving steampunk klezmer band!

Props to the Cambridge Arts Council for making this happen.  They are amazing.


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  1. I am KICKING myself for having missed the RiverFest this year! A couple of weeks ago I happened to stumble upon one of the FIGMENT projects on Governors Island (the Living Pavilion), but I didn’t know who had done it or why until I read this post and connected the dots. Thanks for the ‘aha!’ and for sharing your photos, Diana!

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