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dudley square.

Okay, so I’m crawling out from the abyss that is graduate school project deadlines.  Expect me to be fully back in action soon, with some posts about my recent trip to Charleston, SC, some article reviews, and other thoughts on things city, history, and walking.  Today, though, I want to talk about Dudley Square, where I work at Haley House’s Take Back the Kitchen.  Dudley is an incredible historic neighborhood and is the heart and soul of Roxbury. Take the time to come visit Haley House Bakery Cafe, attend a tour with Discover Roxbury, and explore this dynamic community.

There are several vacant parcels like these at the intersection of Melnea Cass Blvd. and Washington Streets.  The BRA is considering options for developing these parcels and holds regular community meetings to discuss the relationship between these projects and the Roxbury Master Plan.  The Plan is somewhat contentious because not all community members believe that this important citizen-led planning initiative has led to citizen-led decisionmaking.  Read more about the BRA in Roxbury and RMP Oversight Committee Meetings here.  Also check out the DSNI (Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative), a groundbreaking community planning initiative that uses tools like land trusts to create affordable housing and “community economic power”.  Incredible.

This is the Eustis Street Fire House, which Historic Boston Incorporated is restoring to be their organization headquarters.  Obviously I couldn’t be more excited about an organization whose motto is “Strengthening Community through Historic Preservation.”  The coolest part of HBI is the Historic Neighborhood Centers program, and their focus on preservation in Dorchester, Roxbury, and Hyde Park.


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