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hello east boston.

Last weekend my friend Molly and I braved the February cold in search of tortillas, urban revitalization, and harbor views.  Not necessarily in that order (we never found the tortillas).  East Boston is home to one of the largest Latino communities in the Boston area, and it used to be a primarily Italian-American neighborhood.  So there are lots of fantastic smells, Catholic churches, and restaurants on every street.  Eastie also has part of the Boston HarborWalk, a local resource which is absolutely gorgeous though admittedly more pleasant in the summer than in the bitter cold of midwinter.  Anyhow, feast your eyes on some of these great shots of old waterfront piers and warehouses, the New Urbanist fantasia of Maverick Landing (which I could have sworn was a Hope VI property…), and more.  Picture the smell of plantains, chicharron, and some freshly cooked pasta wafting down the street, Latin music playing through the windows of passing cars, and a gorgeous winter sun glinting off the Boston Harbor, and you’re as good as there.


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