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public art sunday.

Thought I’d do a little roundup of some cool public art stuff I’ve seen recently.

– For those of you in Cambridge, have you ever noticed the granite slab in the park outside Peet’s Coffee at Harvard Square?  It looks like a piece of ruins from an old building, and has a fragment of the word “Newtowne Market” on its facade.  I recently read a profile of this piece, “Quiet Cornerstone, “ which was created in 1986.  It’s a really cool idea — as is the “Tour the Art” section of the Cambridge Public Art Commission’s website. The piece definitely accomplishes what I think is the most important function of public art in urban space: to encourage extended thought about the environment and its development over time.

– How cool are these cellophane installations in France?  I wish I’d seen them when I was in Paris!

– I was recently given a link to Boston’s Societies of Spontaneity, a public art/flashmob group that organizes “guerilla theater and outright silliness”.  Today they did a pants-off T ride to coincide with the first Patriots postseason game.  Wow.

– This is one of my favorite things I’ve spotted around lately, seen on Davis Square.  Turns out the project, The Stranger Exchange, has gotten some recognition from folks interested in urban communitymaking.    Since the boxes (there’s another one in Central Square in front of 1369) were put in in October, the creator has found “books like A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, as well as movies, photographs, souvenirs, and even letters” inside.  I’m thinking this very moment about what I’m going to put in!


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