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paris 1.

So I have finally recovered from our at times blissful, at times horribly stressful holiday vacation to Paris.  What an incredible city!  I’ll do my photos in a couple of batches.

These are shots of the Marche aux Puces in Clingancourt, which was formerly at the edge of the city wall fortifications.  It’s a fascinating environment: when you get off the train you enter a sea of people, most of whom are of African origin.  It feels like a completely different world from the tourist center of Paris.  You walk through a street market and suddenly find yourself in an entire neighborhood filled with antique stores.  It’s not a “flea market,” as it is usually called — it is really more of an antiques district where sellers have shops and stalls that cater to interior decorators, antique dealers, and individual high-end shoppers.  After discovering that a mirror frame we liked was actually $1000, we decided that what we took home with us would be an excellent collection of photos that we can turn into an installation in our house.

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