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what i’m taking to paris.

okay, so this isn’t everything i’m taking, but this is the important stuff.  aka, the christmas stuff.

– stockings.  these are new!  we got them from looploft, on etsy.  she repurposes old sweaters.  sweet.

– the stack or cardboard snowflakes is actually a christmas tree, die-cut from recycled cardboard.  i’ll assemble it when we get there; i got it from Greenward.  How cool is that?  Now we can have a tree in Paris.

– Guidebooks.  I love the DK eyewitness series for the history and all of the photos; it’ll be the perfect primer for Brian on the plane, since he’s a Paris newb.  The Michelin Guide has the best info about all the little neighborhoods in the city.

– Advent Calendar.  So I’m crazy.  But it’s been really fun to count down to the trip, and now we can open the last window in the City of Lights!

– A birthday present from my grandma.  My birthday is December 26, and I’m so excited to have it be the main event of this trip.  And now I can pretend my family is right there with me.  Thanks, Nonni!

and away we go…!

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