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my city. expect the unexpected.

I thought this photo would be the perfect introduction to this blog.  Here is a man selling colorful Sunday hats in a public space at Central Square, Cambridge, MA.  There are so many reasons why I had to snap this photo.  First, I am fascinated by informal economies and enjoyed seeing this unique example.  Second, this small plaza on Central Square is always host to interesting happenings: last week some folks were dishing out free food and giving away organic veggies, and often people congregate in this area to chat and pass the time.  But what I love most is the visual juxtaposition of the bright hats and the drab brick plaza, which is often dirty and littered.  To me, a city is about all three of these aspects of the photo: it is a place of informal economies and casual relationships that cannot be quantified; it is a place of unexpected gathering and a constantly changing fabric of uses and happenings; it is a colorful, surprising, world of opposites.  In a word, what I love about a city is how everything is unexpected.  It just requires you to take a moment to enjoy what’s happening around you, and fully appreciate the unique and spontaneous moments happing at every street corner.  I’ll be collecting these moments and sharing them with you, as well as documenting some of my favorite city moments past.


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